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Lil Bit O Charm Maiden of the Moon
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Attention Fellow Mini Nubian Farms:
If you find a photo of yours that is NOT linked back to your page, please email me immediately.
I'm sure I've missed one or two accidentally!

Miniature Nubian Dairy Goats * Honey * Chickens * Peacocks *
Coming soon: Goat Milk Soap Products, Vermiculture & Gourmet Mushrooms

Hill View Farm Mini Milkers began in 2012 in Beech Grove, KY. I began with a small herd of ADGA registered standard
Nubian goats. After moving to Henderson KY, I switched to the Miniature Nubians - and haven't regretted it once! When we moved to Maceo, I changed the farm name to "HillViewFarm Mini Milkers"due to a large scale meat farm in Owensboro. With goats in the market already carrying our HVF name, it wasn't feasible to change our farm name. We are not, in any way, affiliated with Hill View Farm Meats, LLC.