Hill View Farm Mini Milkers

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We are located in Maceo, Kentucky,

 just a few minutes outside of Owensboro.

HVF is proud of our little herd of Miniature Nubians, free range chickens,

turkeys, obnoxiously loud peacocks, insanely adorable bunnies,

and beginning hives of honey heaven! 

Our focus is on not only long, pendulous ears & roman noses, but also

milk production, quality udders & small stature.


All goats have tested negative 2020 for CAE, CL & Johne's

(Bucks not tested yet but negative by former testing/farms)

I don't necessarily believe in all the hype about G6S in our breed, but my goats will

be tested this year just to have the paperwork.

Navigate our site through the tabs above to view our herd,

breeding schedule & kids.

Send us an email, complete the waiting list form, like our FaceBook page or map your route ~ links are conveniently located on the footer of each page!

Hill View Farm Mini Milkers

Maceo, KY 42355

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