The Boys of Hill View Farm

We currently have 2 bucks, whom we hope will bring amazing genetics to our herd and the breed. 2020 offered us the opportunity to also lease an additional buck; we will be using 3 boys for just 5 girls! I'm sure my fellow goat ladies understand where this is going... :-) .... 2021 will hopefully see a phenomenal growth in our herd, with each doe carrying the genetic possibilities to do amazing things in the milk & udder department!

Udderly Precious Denim & Blues

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Denny's Photo Pedigree
All pedigree photo's were found on the internet & are the property of their respective owners.

Udderly Precious Denim & Blues


MDGA #: MN010140    F6-Purebred    53.05% Nubian/46.95% Nigerian

D.O.B.: 03/05/2019 (Tripletss)      Blue Eyes: YES           Disbudded   Height at 2 yrs: TBD  

G6S Normal by birth     CAE/CL/Johnnes: negative 2019 testing


Parent Photos courtesy of Youmans Acres; click photo to visit their website.

Sire: Goat Trails LF Hershey's Bliss

SS: Lazy Acres Finley

SD: Lazy Acres Adorable Dora

Dam: Goat Trails Sugar N Spice

DS: Lazy Acres Finley

DD: Eddy Place Nola Mae Blue


Maternal G.Dam

Maternal G.G. Dam

Steamboatin' Heartbreaker

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Harvey's Photo Pedigree
All pedigree photo's were found on the internet & are the property of their respective owners.

Steamboatin' Heartbreaker


MDGA #: AMN10909     F5-American    53.13% Nubian/44.83% Nigerian

D.O.B.: 01/24/2020          Blue Eyes: NO                Disbudded      Height at 2 yrs: TBD  

G6S : pending     CAE/CL/Johnnes: negative

Sire: Udderly Precious Fully Torqued

SS: Goat Trails LF Hershey's Bliss

SD: Whispering Willow Total Eclipse

Udderly Precious Fully Torqued


Maternal Grand Dam

Dam: Udderly Precious Polished Onyx

DS: Polka Stripe Farm Cherokee

DD: Flying J Farm France

Maternal G. Grand Dam

Paternal Grand Dam


I can not express my thanks to a good friend, Julie Hawes-Gordon, owner & operator of Hearts & Hooves Farm, for allowing my girls to "borrow" her 2 bucks! I am literally dancing in place with the anticipation of the Spring births because of these 2 boys! Be sure to check out her Facebook page, Hearts & Hooves Farm ! (website link to be added soon)

JC's Walter


JC's Walter


sire Gilbert.jpeg
walter dam.jpeg

Sire: Hulburt Farms Gilbert

SS: Mini Ranch Prinz Magleby

SD: Hulburt Farms D Dory 5*P

Dam: JC's Anne Shirley

DS: Whispering Willow's Charlie Brown

DD: JC's Ivy *D

Paternal G. Dam
Paternal G. Dam

Dam & Sire photos from: JC Farms Mini Nubians;  Click on photos for their website

JC's Walter proudly owned by Hearts & Hooves Farm




Whimsy tentatively scheduled for FALL 2021

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