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Hill View Farm P.S. I Love You

HillViewFarm Pour Some Sugar On Me



MDGA #: MN*****

Generation: F6-Purebred

Percentages: **.**% /**.**%

D.O.B.: 05/04/2022 (Twins)

Blue Eyes: Yes 

Horns: Disbudded

Height at 2 yrs: TBD

G6S: Pending

Alpha S1 Casein: Pending

CAE/CL/Johnnes: Negative by parents

Brucellosis / Q-Fever: Negative by parents

Vaccines * Testing

HillViewFarm Pour Some Sugar On Me
Udderly Precious Denim & Blues


Udderly Precious Denim & Blues

SS: Goat Trails LF Hershey's Bliss

SD: Goat Trails Sugar N Spice


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