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Reference Goat

Sold to Julie Gordon

Heavenly Springs My Fair Daisy


MDGA #: AMN09355               Generation: F3-American        Percentages: 55.46% Nubian/44.54%Nigerian

D.O.B.: 02/12/19 (Triplets)                Blue Eyes: NO            Horns: Disbudded              Height at 2 yrs: TBD Color: Black & Tan buckskin with white blaze

Testing: G6S Pending, CAE/CL/Johnnes Test: Negative 2020


FF Kidding: 03/21/2020 11:30 pm ( Day 152) Twin doelings

Sire: Heavenly Springs Julian

  SS: Eddy Place Nosey     

  SD: Heavenly Springs Claire

Dam: Heavenly Springs Gabby Girl

   DS: Green Gables Patriot *B

   DD: Snowflake Magnolia

daisy reg & ped (1).JPG
daisy reg & ped (2).JPG
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Daisy's Photo Pedigree
All pedigree photo's were found on the internet & are the property of their respective owners.

2020 Offspring

HillViewFarm Merciful Blessings & Morning Glory


HVF Merciful Blessings
HVF Morning Glory

Udder Evolution

Below  will be photos of the udder each year.

Heavenly Springs My Fair Daisy
Heavenly Springs My Fair Daisy

 Date 04/06/2020, 16 days post kidding. Daisy's FF udder has height, width and lateral attachments worthy of a second breeding. But she's lacking in the foreudder and teet length department. As of this 

photo, she has a very deep pocket in the foreudder and TINY teets. We have begun separating her kids

and milk stand training as of 04/06/20; crossing fingers that at least her teet length improves! Daisy 

will be bred to improve foreudder and teet length.

HillViewFarm My Fair Daisy
White Flower
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