by Misty Payne

Besides Miniature Nubians and obsessive reading of dystopian novels, my other life passion is photography. I currently dabble in the art as a novice hobbyist, with a faint dream of perhaps one day pursuing a more full time endeavor.


We also raises a flock of chickens of varied breeds, with the intent on one day offering pure breed English Orpingtons, Marans & others (after the FOX problem is resolved). 2020 also saw the addition of 3 beehives; honey arriving 2021!


Thanks to our good friend of Hearts & Hooves, 2020 saw our learning to create beautiful soaps & lotions. Be sure to visit our Farm Store for a variety of "Farm Fresh" products available!

Hill View Farm.png

Hill View Farm Mini Milkers

Maceo, KY 42355

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