The Girls of HillView

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to My Ears

Melody will be a FF in 2021; we hope to see significant improvements over her dam's udder. Melody "grew in to" her name ~ this girl is one of the loudest love bugs you will ever meet!

We expect great things from our little Melody.

HillViewFarm Merry

Little Memo

Memo is the first & only daughter of retired doe, Clara. Her 2020 FF udder showed drastic improvements over her mothers, and we couldn't

be happier! We hope to see improvement in teat length with future freshenings.

HillViewFarm Merciful Blessings
Coming Soon Udder Pics

HillViewFarm Merciful Blessings

Mercy is a beautiful doe, built with grace and class.  We were unable to critique her FF udder, as there were problems with her kids and no time to shave ALL THAT

fur she sported! She dried up very quickly once we pulled the kids. We shall see what 2022 has in store!

HillViewFarm Nchanted Moonchild
Coming Soon Udder Pics

HillViewFarm Nchanted Moon Child

Nessie, retained daughter of Phoebe, will be a FF in 2022. She has large hooves to fill, as her mother is one of our favorites. We expect great things from this sassy herd queen to be!

Lil Bit O Charm Maiden of the Moon
Lil Bit O Charm Maiden of the Moon

A sweet, mischievous doe who quickly became one of our favorites. Beauty, grace, feminine dairy build, with an easy to milk udder due to large orifices and perfect

teat length. Pheobe will be bred to improve udder capacity, but other than that, we are very happy with this little lady.

Coming Soon Udder Pics

HillViewFarm Noel of the Pixies

Pixie was born half the size of her brother; she weighed a mere 2 lbs. She will not be bred in 2021 (unless she is big enough), but we can't wait to see this little plum's udder!

Sky will be a FF in 2021; after kidding with a 3 week premature, stillborn doeling on 04/27/21, we were shocked and very pleased with the udder she quickly

developed! Height, side attachments & teat placement are already things of beauty. Waiting for her to show her medial & foreudder!

We don't know who or when Piper will gift us with her presence, but my little 9 year old niece has requested our next goat be names Piper. She asks, she receives!

Coming Soon Udder Pics