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​Hill View Farm Mini Milkers Incentive Program


In an effort to promote improvement of the Miniature Nubian genetics, and to learn all we can about these precious little beasts, HVF intends to re-enter the virtual show rings in 2021 and begin milk testing. We also intend to submit photos to TMGR's Linear Appraisal virtual event. Due to circumstances beyond our control (severe shoulder injury resulting in 4 surgeries within 18 months and subsequent loss of full use of arm) - our plans to begin all of this over the past 2 years have fallen through. It is our most heartfelt desire that the vast majority of our goats will also participate in shows, milk testing and linear appraisals. To encourage you, our treasured buyers, to participate in these events, we are pleased to offer the following incentives.

Beginning January 2020, ANY GOAT CARRYING THE HILL VIEW FARM HERD NAME, who places in any sanctioned/official live or virtual show or earns their milk star, will be eligible for a small cash reward.

Please note - all information/awards will be verified.

1) Milk Star Incentive

Doe who earns her milk star, through the completion of a standard 305-day DHIR milk test program or an official one-day milk test will qualify for a one time $25 reward.

2) Show Ring Incentives

One reward per goat, per show. Earning one of the following in either live or virtual shows will qualify for:

Grand Champion: $25 reward

Reserve Champion: $20 reward

Best In Show: $15 reward

Best Udder in Show: $20 reward

Please note: The goat must compete against no less than 3 other goats in its class. 

3) Linear Appraisal Incentive

Participating in any official Linear Appraisal through MDGA, TMGR or other registry that recognizes the MN breed will qualify you for a $10 reward. A copy of the linear appraisal score sheet for the animal purchased from us must be provided to qualify for the refund.

Proof of the above accomplishments must be provided via forwarding of the MDGA, TMGR, etc. email you will receive from that organization (if applicable) in addition to a photo of the revised registration papers, or the doe’s star certificate. Other forms of proof will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


We hope to encourage others to invest in, and strive to breed for, quality Miniature Nubians that live up to their name and highest of potentials. The MN World simply can't get there without each of us putting in the effort to participate in shows, tests and appraisals. Good luck to each of you in your endeavors with one of Hill View Farm's beloved goats!

And please - keep in touch with us regardless! I love seeing our kids growing in their new homes and sharing in their lives.

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