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Mercy will be FOR SALE after kidding (March 2022) as a package deal

with one of her kids for $800 (for the pair). **SALE PENDING**
Mercy is a friendly doe who will come to you for treats, but is NOT an "in your pocket" type goat.
She will not actively seek out your attention (unless you have treats!). She is not the herd queen, but neither is she the low goat on the totem pole. She doesn't cause any problems in the herd.

 We are going to sell her, in milk, with a nursing kid, so that her new owner will be able to train her to being milked. This will be her 2nd freshening and we did NOT attempt to milk her last year, as we were milking 3 others and getting more milk than we could keep up with.
She is only being sold to make room for retained babies. She is not a cull;
Mercy is a happy, healthy, blue eyed F4 beauty!
We reserve the right to choose which of her kid(s) we will retain if there are multiples (she's as big as a barn, I'm sure there are at least 2)


HillViewFarm Merciful Blessings

HillViewFarm Merciful Blessings



MDGA #: AMN11022

Generation: F4-American

Percentages: 57.11% / 42.89%

D.O.B.: 03/21/2020 (Twins)

Blue Eyes: YES 

Horns: Disbudded

Height at 2 yrs: 22"

G6S: Pending

CAE/CL/Johnnes: Negative

Brucellosis / Q-Fever: Negative

HillViewFarm Merciful Blessings
HillViewFarm Merciful Blessings NOT FULL FF udder


Better udder pics coming 2022

Sanndy C Ranch Winston Churchillton 2019 (1).JPG


Sanndy C Ranch Winston Churchill

SS: GTO Ranch Roden

SD: Blue Moon Divine Genesis


Heavenly Springs My Fair Daisy


Heavenly Springs My Fair Daisy

DS: Heavenly Springs Julian

      DD: Heavenly Springs Gabby Girl

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Mercy's Portfolio
Udder Photos

Need more info on Mercy?

For more information, or to inquire about  kidding reservations, please contact us below

Current Medical Record:
2/20/22: CD/T and Bo-Se administered (back hips, one each side); height measurement obtained: 22"

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