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MDGA #: AMN11022

Generation: F4-American

Percentages: 57.11% / 42.89%

D.O.B.: 03/21/2020 (Twins)

Blue Eyes: YES 

Horns: Disbudded

Height at 2 yrs: TBD

G6S: Pending

CAE/CL/Johnnes: Negative

Brucellosis / Q-Fever: Negative


Sanndy C Ranch Winston Churchillton 2019 (1).JPG


Sanndy C Ranch Winston Churchill

SS: GTO Ranch Roden

SD: Blue Moon Divine Genesis



Heavenly Springs My Fair Daisy

DS: Heavenly Springs Julian

      DD: Heavenly Springs Gabby Girl

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The ONE udder photo above is horrendous. Please read. :-)

Mercy is a sweet, petite yet stocky, little girl. 2021 was her FF; she had no clue what those screaming balls of fur were that plopped out of her belly, but she did her best. She kidded with twins; the doeling was born weighing just 2 lbs (less than half the weight of the buckling) and was unable to stand. She (Pixie) was immediately warmed up and became a bottle baby. Mercy settled in and mothered the buckling wonderfully, until the day we disbudded him. Due to our mistake in not disbudding early enough, we had to do extra work, which caused him to smell even worse than normal with the procedure. Mercy was absolutely terrified of him when he was returned to the stall. We tried everything for the entire evening to no avail. Baby boy also became a bottle baby. Mercy dried up very quickly, preventing me from acquiring decent udder photos. However, we were able to milk her out once; she has very nice capacity and a super supple udder.

Her FF teats are small, but we expect them to grow with future freshenings. Better luck next year pretty girl!

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x Harvey



Twin (1b, 1g)



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