Lil Bit O' Charm Maiden of the Moon

Lil Bit O Charm Maiden of the Moon



MDGA #: AMN09439

Generation: F3-American

Percentages: 66.80% / 33.20%

D.O.B.: 03/07/2019 (Single)

Blue Eyes: No 

Horns: Disbudded

Height at 2 yrs: 25 1/2"

G6S: N/N Normal

Alpha S1 Casein: A/B

CAE/CL/Johnnes: Negative

Brucellosis / Q-Fever: Negative

Vaccines * Testing

Lil Bit O CHarm Maiden of the Moon
Earknot Acres GGLE Presley


Earknot Acres GGLE Presley

SS: Green Gables Lunar Eclipse *B

SD: Beloved Dearly


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Lil Bit O` Charm Presley`s Elsa(0)[A].jp


Lil Bit O' Charm Presley's  Elsa

DS: Earknot Acres GGLE Presley

      DD: LBOC Burt's Pocahontas

Phoebe comes from an accidental line breeding at Lil Bit O' Charm Farm ~ and what a glorious accident it was!

Phoebe has very feminine dairy build, with the easiest udder EVER to milk. All you have to do is look at her teats and the milk begins

to flow. Her 2nd freshening was 2021 and her udder is even better. She has very nice medial and lateral attachments. She will

be bred to improve foreudder extension.

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