Reference Goat

Sparky was sold in 2019 and subsequently died of unknown causes in 2020 at his new home. No fault of the new owner!!

Buckhorn Run DF Trial By Fire


Sold 2019, Deceased 2020

    MDGA #: AMN06205     Generation: F5-American     Percentages: 60.42% / 39.58%     Blue Eyes: NO    

    Polled: NO    D.O.B.: 03/10/2016 (Twins)   G6S Testing: Pending   CL/CAE/Johnnes Test:  Negative (2017)

    Height at 2 yrs: TBD    Accomplishments: 

          Sire's Sire: Eco Hills SD Dom Demetri
Sire:    Sheep Gate Dominion Fire
          Sire's Dam: Green Gables Ruth

          Dam's Sire:    Green Gables Indian War Song
Dam:   Stony Ridge IWS Darla
         Dam's Dam:   Stony Ridge Tinley

Buckhorn Run Dominion Fire
Stormy Ridge's IWS Darla
Stony Ridge's IWS Darla
Stony Ridge IWS Darla Udder
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Sparky's Offspring
Gypsy Doeling
Gypsy Doeling
Willow Doeling
Willow Doeling
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