Accepted payment methods: Paypal & Zelle

HILLVIEW FARM MINI MILKERS reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding at any time.

  • We are willing to meet buyers within 2-3 hours from Owensboro, KY (at seller's discretion) for an additional $50-$100 fee.

  • A $50 non-refundable deposit per kid is required (no personal checks will be accepted).

  • We reserve the right to name the kids. We will offer name choices for the buyer to choose from, and encourage the buyer to offer name suggestions which keep in theme with the choices offered.

  •                        We will work with the buyer to settle on a registration name which pleases us both!

  • Kids are available as bottle babies at 3-7 days old, or can be held until weaning. After 7 days, they are sold as dam raised.  

  • Weaned kids must be picked up by 8 weeks of age.

  • Bucklings being sold as pet quality only-banding will be discussed with buyer. Due to medical recommendations, it's best to band at 12 weeks. We are open to allowing buyer to do the banding after buying. Pet bucklings/wethers will NOT be sold with registration.

  •  An additional fee of $15.00 per day, per kid, will apply to all goats not picked up by their respective age or pre-arranged pick up time, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon.

  • Kids are only sold in pairs UNLESS the buyer has other goats. We will not sell kids to be the "only kid".

  • All kids are disbudded, tattooed and receive their first CD/T vaccine unless purchased before they are old enough for it. 


Hill View Farm Mini Milkers reserves the right to consider the following events to be grounds for terminating a sale agreement. Deposits and payments will NOT be refunded if any of the following occur:

  • After placing your deposit/making payments, you decide to not purchase the animal. Special circumstances will allow consideration of refund.

  • You do not make contact with us within one week of the previously agreed upon pick up date.

  • << Arrangements may be made to reschedule the pick up date, one time only, and no more than 14 days beyond the original date, but ONLY IF you make contact with us PRIOR TO the previously agreed upon date.>>

  • You fail to make the final payment(s) and/or fail to pay the agreed upon delivery fee prior to the day of transport.

  • ​You and or your farm have been found guilty of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect, or substantial evidence has been shown that indicate such charges would be, or are, forthcoming.

  • ​You otherwise fail to fulfill any agreed conditions to the sale.


Hill View Farm Mini Milkers reserves the right to offer a refund or exchange of deposits and payments if any of the following occur PRIOR TO the animal leaving our possession; You will have the option to apply your deposit and payments to another animal that is currently offered for sale which is still available or to an upcoming anticipated birth; or at our discretion, a refund of all monies paid:

  • If we decide to retain the animal

  • If the animal becomes ill, injured or dies

You will have the option to apply your deposit and payments to another kid that is available or to an upcoming anticipated birth.

Hill View Farm Mini Milkers offers a refund of payment or replacement of animal, if any of the following occur AFTER the animal has left our possession (hand to hand delivery by HVF to you. Transporter delivery voids this portion of the agreement:

Any sign of illness in a kid should be IMMEDIATELY addressed by a licensed veterinarian!

NEVER wait to begin medical treatment on babies!   

  • If the animal dies within 3 (three) days of owner possession, you must provide the following documents within 48 hours of the death:

  1. A written letter from the licensed veterinarian providing proof of said veterinarians medical care and treatment given to the animal prior to its death.

  2. A copy of the licensed veterinarian performed necropsy findings.

  3. Confirmation from the attending licensed veterinarian AND our personal vet (upon reviewing of your submitted reports) that the cause is directly related to Hill View Farm negligence.

You will have the option to choose another kid that is currently available, have all monies paid applied toward an upcoming kid of equal value, or receive a refund. We will NOT refund the cost of the veterinary/medical expenses.

Transport Services:

If you choose to use a transport service, you are fully responsible for all costs associated with the service, including but not limited to, transfer fees, health certificates, additional testing if required, crates, etc. Additional fee's for our time and travel expenses will be incurred (depending on where we have to meet the transport).


The number of horror stories is nearly equal to those of success stories. The responsibility lies with the buyer on investigating potential transport services and verifying their reliability. The health and safety of our animals is our top priority. Because of this, we reserves the right to refuse to hand off the kid(s) to a designated transport person/service if we are not comfortable with said person/service upon meeting them. We will contact the buyer immediately and discuss our concerns; buyer has the right to choose whether to proceed with the transport. Buyer will assume all responsibility for any issues that may occur. You must be immediately reachable during the transport meeting times! If we can not reach you, we will make a decision and any consequences will remain solely your responsibility and expense. If you choose to proceed with the transport against our advice, you agree to release Hill View Farm Mini Milkers from any and all health guarantees, all refund options, etc. 

The following transport services have been recommended by others - we have NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of any of them.

 5 Star Livestock Transport                Blarney Heights Transport